Fire Israeli Prime Minister of Finance and Minister of Justice with Coup Allegations

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the finance minister and also minister judicial. The dismissal marks the quarrel between the Netanyahu coalition ahead of general elections to be held sooner in Israel.

Netanyahu government, newly formed this year, has experienced a number of problems. The problem in question is the 2015 budget and a statement that the Jewish state was mentioned discrimination against citizens of Arab nationality.

In a poll published by the two televisions, Netanyahu's right-wing party, Likud, will join the coalition in parliament if elections were held today. It makes it sure would be elected prime minister of Israel for the fourth time.

The next polling done in the new parliament in 2017, but Netanyahu announced he would dissolve parliament and early election as soon as possible.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni fired, they are two party leaders who had been booed in the cabinet.

Netanyahu and Livni said Lapid secretly planning the formation of another coalition. "In other words, this is a coup. Therefore, it was difficult to run the government (in the event of a coup)," Netanyahu said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu and Livni denied calling the prime minister had planned their turn during this.

Explained Livni, Netanyahu has held the state budget plan next year, slowing economic growth, as well as the war in Gaza in July-August and then prove the existence of political interests Netanyahu in it.

"The dismissal of ministers is an act of cowardice and lost control. Our sad to see the see the prime minister has done it over the interests of Israel as a nation and bring Israel to conduct elections that are not needed," said Yesh Artid said party members.

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