Business Intuition, Hockey, until Threatened Thugs

Life is very beautiful. Not all human life journey runs smoothly. Certainly a lot of obstacles and barriers in the grab. The key is patience, perseverance, have strong principles, honestly, what it is, and always innovate. Behind the success of a person, there are stories touching and pathetic. All of it is a process that must be passed. continue lowering the article series "Success Story" about the trip inspiring figure. Hopefully the reader can pluck the meaning behind the story.

KompasOtomotif - Life is the company's largest automotive bigwigs in Indonesia, never imagined before Djasmin Suparno. Although already served in command of the company helm, Abong, as he was familiarly called, was admitted far from successful.

"I do not like what successes, there are still many young people who have become CEO, if I may rather hockey," chirped Abong to KompasOtomotif in casual conversation at the headquarters of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Sunter, North Jakarta, yet this old.

Small Abong born in Singkawang, West Kalimantan, July 7, 1961. He was the second child, first son of seven children. His father haberdasher, sells a variety of basic food needs for local residents. After the period of 1965, Singkawang shrouded dark cloud, the situation there became deserted, many people are choosing to move out of town.

The father also decided to move to Jakarta, because it no longer profitable trade in Singkawang. The decision was taken when Abong still sits in second grade, so he and his sister asked to stay first in Singkawang, while the father moved with his mother and younger siblings first to Jakarta.

After two years of living with her sister, Abong followed to Jakarta in between her aunt. "It used to be that to Jakarta rose wooden ship, aircraft are still rare and expensive, so it is not affordable. The journey taken by it, if not one of the three or four nights at sea, arrived at the port of Sunda Kelapa," recalls Abong.

To remind the memory of the past, Abong admitted to cycling with his brother, recently to visit Sunda Kelapa Harbor. There, he recalled the days first set foot for the first time in the capital. "It used to be possible since I was a kid, all look great, ship, port, path. But, when we see now small turns, but still looks like what his ships, lots of ships carrying groceries from everywhere, including Kalimantan , "Abong story.


In Jakarta, Abong admitted living in a family that is not more than enough. His father had to work hard to support seven children were borne. Since grade 1 elementary school, Abong get used to help parents selling in stores, since the afternoon, after school until evening, when closed shop. This routine also continue when he started to go to Jakarta. Store father was in Biak, Roxy, North Jakarta.

His name was a small child, Abong also often scolded the father if not the focus of helping both parents. Entertainment flagship when saturated keep the store, is a serial story Kho Ping Ho martial.

"I always considered an adult, because the first boy in the family. My sister women, younger siblings are also all women, only seven men younger brother again, so I spent more time in the store with their parents," said Abong .

Thanks to this habit, unconscious talent Abong trade has already begun. Adolescence, Abong more familiar with their surroundings, socialize with other traders around his father's store. "So if there is a visitor first pass with small children, toy cars sold our father turn on. So that if his son crying, his father wanted to buy," joked Abong.

Never been in a while, when it was in high school, when again keeping the store, come thugs ruling on location, ask quota contributions from the merchants. Felt it was a big man, Abong could show a sense of joy, not with the activities. "I'm glaring-glares that time, finally I even pursued thugs, threatened with being stabbed at the time," joked Abong.


When first settled in Jakarta, Abong feel most severe in life was when he had to adapt to ambient conditions. In Singkawang, the majority of residents are people of Chinese descent, so the use of everyday language dialects, namely Haka. Haka is also used by teachers who teach in Singkawang, so that all students, including Abong accustomed to using the Haka.

Go to the Capital, all schools and subjects that are described in the Indonesian language. Thanks to this distinction, Abong admitted must learn two to three months to adapt, including how to read a true Indonesian. "In the past I do not know, for example, they learn to count numbers when asked, I do not understand. But, after a long time to know if the figures, means plus-add the all," recalls Abong.

While in junior high school, as a boy of the oldest in his family, his main desire is to work fast. He was thought to enter the STM in order to get the skills and quick work, but in his mind, he also had a desire to go to college, become a scholar.

It used to be able to study at public universities, each student is required to take the exam Sipenmaru (Selection Admissions), but Abong feel the same stage as the lottery, are less likely to escape. But, there are other alternatives, namely through the exam PMDK (search Interest and ability) to be accepted directly at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), which qualify for public universities without selection.

Heard there is an alternative, Abong then asked his parents to move from private schools into the SMA 2, Olimo, City, Jakarta. SMA have been many students who study there, often escapes in PMDK exam.

"It used to be a lot of my friends that the Batak, but it is a good school. Graduate students who qualify Sipenmaru lot and PMDK. I deliberately choose PMDK because you want a sure-sure, because if tuition in private, parents will not be able, "Abong said.

Abong actual interest in the majors Electronic Engineering, triggered by one of his teachers when he was high school. In his mind, there is one part-time teachers, Trisakti teach electronics. This became a favorite teacher many students as a way of teaching that is slick, held a variety of practical interest of students, so Abong very fond of electronics.

With a strong firm follow PMDK, Abong well aware that the school should be able to qualify step he chooses. "If only in IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) there is majoring in electronics, I would immediately take. But, I finally select the Department of Agricultural Technology. All through the selection process, so struggled as well, so what I received today was, the blessing was. Hockey, hockey, hockey, "said Abong.

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