Free, will Polycarpus Open Business Aviation

Pollycarpus Budihari Prijanto, convicted of murder of human rights activist (HAM) Munir Said Thalib, has to breathe free air after officially gets parole. Former Garuda Indonesia pilot was out of the Penitentiary (Prison) Sukamiskin, Bandung, Jawa Barat (West Java), Saturday (11/29/2014), after serving eight years of a sentence of 14 years imprisonment sentence.

What will be done Polycarpus after getting parole? Pollycarpus was still menggandrungi aviation. He also chose will manage the airline business.

"I want to manage the cost," said Polycarpus so out of prison Sukamiskin, Bandung, Saturday (11/29/2014) at around 15.15 pm.

By wearing a brown T-shirt and sunglasses, Polycarpus seen several times smiling. He left prison during this dwell in the taxi ride Gemah Ripah bernopol 687 D 1975 DB.

Pollycarpus said he was happy to have pocketed parole status. "Now I want to go straight home in Tangerang, thank you friends," said Pollycarpus.

When mentioned about the objections of a number of parties regarding parole he gets, according Polycarpus, it's fine. But certainly, he said, his parole in accordance with applicable laws.

"It has appropriate procedures, has undergone all, have followed all the rules. If there are protests, go ahead. We have to live by the rules of law. Please ask the competent authorities," said Pollycarpus, who left prison Sukamiskin alone.

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