Business SPBGs in Jakarta Not Wanted Person

Jakarta Provincial Government's efforts to increase gas refueling stations (SPBGs) was not only constrained by the limitations of land, but also the lack of investors.

Not competitive gas prices in the market assessed so causes no entrepreneurs who are interested to open the business.

"Investors are less interested plunge in gas business because the price is not competitive on the market. While investment in gas business requires substantial capital," said Head of Industry and Energy of Jakarta Haris Pindratno, at City Hall Jakarta, Friday (12/12 / 2014).

Harris explained, the current gas price in the market is Rp 3,100 per liter. The magnitude of the price, he said, is difficult to accept the employers because they can not cover the cost of the initial investment reached USD 16-20 billion. Haris assessing the selling price of gas should be looking for is $ 4,500.

"The cost to get up SPBGs was about USD 16-20 billion. If they were just allowed to sell gas to Rp 3100 per liter, when turning the capital," said Haris.

On this basis, Haris said one solution to attract investors to SPBGs is engaged in the business of government should raise the price of gas. Other solutions which asked the company to build SPBGs at each pump.

According to Haris, to utilize land owned by Pertamina, the provision SPBGs order to accelerate the conversion of fossil fuel use gas to be quickly realized.

"When PT Pertamina mismanagement permission to go to the gas station there is a clause that says their agreement shall provide one SPBGs at every gas station. It used to be pursued," said Haris.

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