Bank Mandiri Targets Have 9,000 Agents Financial Services Digital

Bank recruitment agency to implement the program of financial services digital (LKD). In the next year, the bank is targeting to acquire 9,000 agents.

"Regarding LKD, we again acquired an agent. The target in the coming year 9,000 agents, and it has been approved by the regulator," said Director of Micro and Retail Banking of Bank Mandiri, Hery Gunardi, Friday (11/28/2014).

According to Hery, the parties have signed up to become an agent is divided into two individual and institutional. The number of individuals is greater than the institutions that enroll. "That is 70 versus 30," said Hery.

LKD permit application process and banking services without office (branchless banking) Bank to related parties, namely the Indonesian Bank and Financial Services Authority, actually started about two months ago.

At that time, the FSA rules (POJK) associated branchless banking is not yet available. Now, POJK Without Office of Financial Services in the Financial Framework for Inclusive (Intelligent Behavior) already available. For the record, Hery has stated that to be an agent of the Bank, has been a customer of the bank and had a good record of transactions.

In addition, the candidate agents are also required to have a good base running businesses, for example stalls or electronic pulse counters seller. This effort must have been in operation for at least two years.

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