Two "Wobble" Welcoming Business Banking Credit Cards in 2015

   Two feared it would "shake up" the credit card industry in 2015 Indonesian banking competition is getting tighter as the two "wobble" it. 

"(Two 'wobble' it is) use of a PIN (for credit card) and (license restrictions) only two cards for income less than Rp 10 million," said Retail Director of PT Bank Bukopin, Agus Hernawan, after launching the program "Fiesta Bazaar Bukopin Credit Card "in Jakarta, Monday (10/06/2014). 

According to Agus, the two things that will cause banks to compete to win the hearts of consumers, at the same time income clients under USD 10 million had to cut the use of credit cards as well. 

Agus argues, credit card issuing banks will be competing to keep the facility is not the issue, which will be discontinued its use by customers earn less than Rp 10 million. 


In relation to the use of the personal identification number (PIN), said Agus, the bank's already begun to socialize. He hoped his bank would not face difficulties when Bank Indonesia regulation comes into force per January 1, 2015. 

Deputy Head of the bank's Credit Card Division, Caecilia Candra, adding, socialization, among others, performed leawt e-mail, included in the invoice, and through short message service (SMS). 

"Again prepare pin base., But it should be ready, so we're process development. PIN We begin socialization, the need to be ready. Eighty percent ready and socialization we prepare e-mailblast, in the bill bottom message envelope, and SMS," said Caecilia.

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