Business Partners Men Fall memories of BCA Tower ...

ST (45), the man who fell from the 56th floor of Menara BCA, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (08/10/2014) is remembered well by his business associates, Surya Ward. Although only a year to know ST, Solar recognizes the deceased is a person who actively at work. 
"The deceased was a low profile, I used to talk to him because we did related work has become quite familiar partner," said Surya when talking with in front of the funeral home RSCM, Central Jakarta, Tuesday night. 

He said, the ST has two companies, namely distributor of barcode printers and label companies. As a businessman who deals in barcode printing and labeling objects, he confessed intense communicate with ST for business. 

Solar assess, in the business world, ST is warm personal and very well against other business associates. Not infrequently ST share knowledge and give advice and life experience to other colleagues. 

"His mind is always positive. Problem religion, religious deceased.'s Why I also wonder why it happened when it could be so," he said. 

Tuesday Regular Meeting of Surya and ST 
Every Tuesday, Surya said it always did regular meetings with ST. Meetings usually take place in Cengkareng, Tangerang. 

Thus, when reading the obituaries ST, Surya could not believe it. 

"But I wonder also why the deceased there at Menara BCA? Fact has always held a meeting late in Cengkareng. And when the afternoon incident should have been going to meetings," he said. 

To be sure, Surya called ST. At that time, he continued, active ST phone but no one answered the phone alias is not removed. 

"Then I open the maghrib fit again and mentioned online media owners and barcode printing company. Direct I mean sure it's people I know," he said. 

He was then called the ST staff were men with a quick question. 

"That is true? Already on RSCM?" he asked. 

"Yeah right," replied the men ST. 

"Conditions?" he asked. 

"Not a whole. Bubar," echoes of men ST.

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