Property Business Next Year Up 10 to 20 Percent

Business property in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, is expected to continue to grow in 2015 Despite not going for three years back, it will still affect the growth of the power map property business. 

Amran Nukman, Chairman of the Council REI Jakarta, said that on the show Morning Coffee with reporters in Jakarta, Monday (13/10/2014). Amran said REI Jakarta DPD optimistic view of the growth. 

"The growth in the real estate business will still be there, although small but still growing. Yesterday Then in 2012 rose to 40-60 per cent, in 2015 rose 10-20 percent already in the top category," said Amran. 

He said the decline in the percentage of growth in the real estate business was influenced by several factors. First, the number of parties such as the government and the investors who hold themselves in the year 2014 as a result of the election. Second, the president-elect has not inducted Joko Widodo make a lot of developers do not dare to take decisions related to sales. Finally, appropriate budgeting budget awaiting certainty rising fuel prices. 

However, further Amran, he remains optimistic given the Jakarta City Government also supports the growth of the property business in Jakarta. Rising Tjahaja Basuki Purnama (Ahok) became governor of Jakarta make the developers happy. 

"Ahok can provide a positive impact on the business property. Firstly, this Ahok style business style, and that way also use the language of business. So, this fits with our (developer). Secondly, Ahok and his officials are now focused infrastructure development in Jakarta," Amran clear. 

Amran rate, the addition of TransJakarta fleet and route, as well as completion JORR 2 is a boon for developers in Jakarta. It will also encourage the growth of property in 2015. 

Nevertheless, the growth of the real estate business, especially in Jakarta, in 2015 raised concerns about the spatial Jakarta. As it is known, that is now Jakarta into a city full of concrete construction and planting in various areas. 

In response, Amran claimed there was no problem between the growth of the spatial properties of Jakarta. Currently Jakarta Government has issued regulations to construct a building, such as the Basic Plan Spatial (RDTR) and coefficient Land Building (KLB). 

"In the future these products will be very useful to Jakarta for several years to come," said Amran.

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