Blue Sky Group Business Concentration "Lounge" Premium

Along the accelerated development of infrastructure, particularly airports (airports), opens opportunities for developers to do business breakthroughs. One of the opportunities is to build passenger lounge facilities for aircraft. 

"The business lounge has a bright prospect. Need is show a positive trend. Reason, the government is heavily make improvements and build new airports.'s An opportunity for us to provide even more lounges at airports existing and new," said Director of Business Development Blue Sky Group, Gatoet Seputra, to, Thursday (02/10/2014). 

Not only at the airport, Gatoet explained, Blue Sky Group is also aiming for a shopping center as the realm of the expansion of business lounges. "Shopping center is a new option to offer a lifestyle that is appropriate to the character of the business lounge. Hence, we tried to target the shopping center market while also expanding the culinary business that we are developing today that Tori Ramen," said Gatoet. 

Indeed, I Gatoet, business lounge is not new to the Blue Sky Group. They have been engaged in this business for 12 years. The enthusiasm of the people is very high, resulting in a revenue of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars per month. 

With the increasing needs of the community, especially in the upper classes, Blue Sky Group also created a new brand that is Blue Sky Premier Lounge. This is not just a lounge, fitted it follows barista coffee corner. Interior room is designed with a touch of tropical modern style. Culinary were presented was followed where the lounge is located. 

"For premium class, we already operates Blue Sky Premier Lounge at the Kuala Namu International Airport, Medan, Sepinggan International Airport, Balikpapan, and Syamsudin Noor Airport, Banjarmasin," said Gatoet. 

Blue Sky Premier Lounge Other International Airport being developed in Adisutjioto Yogyakarta. The waiting room was previously an executive lounge, is currently in the process of remodeling. "We are targeting opening in one to one and a half months ahead," said Gatoet. 

Following the Blue Sky Premier Lounge at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar, and Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. "Before the end of the year, already operates entirely. We work with banks that offer credit cards," said Gatoet. 

In addition to building the Blue Sky Premier Lounge, they also develop a dedicated lounge that is specifically intended for banking clients. Dedicated lounge which has been operating this is BRI and Mandiri Lounge Lounge in Kuala Namu International Airport. 


Next year, Blue Sky Group prioritized the development of Blue Sky Premier Lounge, and hospitality business sectors. 

"For Blue Sky Premier Lounge, we will build in four different locations. So while all operates, we have a total of 9 portfolios Blue Sky Premium Lounge, and two dedicated lounges," said Gatoet. To realize the plan, the company allocated Rp 5 billion per lounge. 

While in the hospitality sector, they will build two hotels classified 3 the Blue Sky Hotel in Samarinda and Makassar. Following the success of the performance of Blue Sky Hotel in Petamburan, Jakarta, which began operating in 2013 ago.

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