The Richest and Began its Work Happens when the Economic Crisis

George Jenkins
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  This is the beginning of the economic crisis in the United States and developed countries wolseuteuriteuyi often fall in October 1929.

The decline in world trade shrinking rapidly and significantly only in the third year for the developed countries industrial production. The ongoing economic crisis during the Great Depression in the Second World War.

31900000000 offer, $ during the Great Depression in the fact that the total project mega Forbes 12:07, at least from a multibillion-dollar clean-rich family in the yard Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

When the economic crisis, about 15 million Americans are unemployed. However, in the slums and poor families, to take advantage of the economic crisis, only to start a small business.

He said the recession caused many business owners in a sociology professor Ivan Wright, California. They are not capable of innovation bankruptcy. Industry experience different positions small. They can survive in hard times forged.

Said Robert Boyd, Mississippi State University, in these circumstances, the public demand for a lot of options and choice of food industry, a professor of sociology.

More than half of the houses had been suspended during the period of the Great Depression, there entered the food industry began to build business startup. It's very sweet to reach a total combined wealth than $ 24300000000 United States, the time that the results of their efforts.

"During the Great Depression, you can open a small grocery store on the first page of the stores are able to survive in urban areas, and to leave their homes and some companies," said Boyd.

"If you do not sell their products, and they live away from their families unsold inventory at least, so that they can buy food to avoid starvation organization because of corruption," he said.

One of them, George Jenkins. Steady job, he came out blood from Wrigley Wrigley shopping center bosses do not pay him more. In fact, she drove to work 8 hours.

Purchase, is unusual in his work is to promote a number of family wealth in his efforts we now have a network of 1,000 stores in the Southeast United States sales reached $ 29 billion of money paid in 1930 to $ 5.2 billion super market began to open Babylon.

The same family stories family survived the Great Depression Mackey. In 1928, it sold its stake in the automaker to Greyhound and his wife Ruth Mackie.

Then, in 1934, they bought a bakery in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I started making bread and the most well-known alternative to the Little Debbie cream pie McKee family business. Nestle still has a value of $ 1.4 billion company in terms of making bread.

E. & J family. As pembuataan wine, began work in 1933, when Gallo Winery wine can survive the economic downturn and the emission inventory in the warehouse. Half price wine sale price of 50 cents per gallon, PDF, or wine products market.

In fact, it is the largest wine producer in the world, and has total assets of 9.7 billion dollars currently Gallo family.

McDonald supplier
Another family with J.R SIMPLOT. I worked on his farm in 1929 and bought farmland Idaho potato family.

When we got to the potato crop, it does not aim to sell the whole, however, the main feed his family, and was sold to the rest of the market.

It was creative. Known as the father of frozen french fries. Although he found the freezing process ready fried. The company provides one-third of the production at McDonald's.

He died in 2008, with a net worth of $ 8 billion worth SIMPLOT. Now their descendants continue the business.

And Hesses, this family business in small and medium enterprises of the economic crisis in three different oil kings; Boyles, retailers and Columbia Sportswear. It focuses on investment banking services Sthephens clan.

Starting his family during the Great Depression, another billionaire tycoon John Willard Marriott survived. I took for the first time in the franchise system. He said the company would remain in the food sector to spread its wings in the hospitality industry brands, Marriott International, in 1975.

Now, they are also private Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance Hotel privileges of the upper middle class. A fortune estimated at $ 5.7 billion to increase the number of their hospitality business.

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