Four UI Student Business Plan Competition Winner of Microsoft.

Empat Mahasiswa UI Juara Kompetisi Business Plan Microsoft

Microsoft has held a competition in Indonesia, titled business plan named 'Office 365 Apprentice'. In the race can be followed by the students. Apparently, four students at the University of Indonesia (UI) came out as champions, defeating the other participants.

'Young Grey', a team name from the four students of the UI. They won over four other teams in the final round. As a result of their efforts, the title 'Champion Apprentice Office 365' successfully they achieved. Their spokesman, Anggia Primary, said proud of this achievement and it is a special experience that is very dear if passed.

According to a press release Legal, Anggia also feel a lot of valuable lessons that he can. Starting from stage workshops and training on self-development, product knowledge, marketing, teamwork and leadership, to the execution of the business plan

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