Mulia dEWI Karnadi: Whatever its New Business, IT Enabler So its

Mulia Dewi Karnadi, Country Head, Infrastructure Services & Solutions, PT Fujitsu Indonesia. Foto: Alphons Mardjono

    An abundance of information is happening today is to make customers quickly move on to another "heart". Customers are looking at will (services, products) are favored and can meet the self-satisfaction.

Such trends create new jobs Majesty Goddess Karnadi as Country Head of Infrastructure Services & Solutions increasingly challenging. Do not want to lose alacrity with customers, organizations, corporations termasuki-continue to seek solutions to maintain them, especially the earlier switcher. One of the hopes hung on technology infrastructure.

Talking in the office of PT Fujitsu Indonesia, Dewi share stories when meeting customers / clients from the telecommunications industry and hope a solution capable of Fujitsu to create a new business stream for the business. "So, now, we've been sitting together with the customer to define what new business streams that should they develop," explained the woman who has more than 20 years working in the information technology world.

It is one of the challenges for the Goddess and her team. Domain knowledge of each targeted vertical industries Fujitsu should be able to dive into it as deep as possible. However, with the mastery of technology, the availability of complete nan solutions, from A to Z, as well as a global presence in 70 countries, Fujitsu Indonesia Dewi believe can provide the best solutions for a wide range of organizations in Indonesia.

Speaking of global technology trends that are converging on three things: virtualization, cloud computing, and big data, women who always look energetic assesses organizational infrastructure in Indonesia is quite ready for him. "In Indonesia, virtualization is tolerable its coverage, and lived up to the next level of the cloud," said Dewi.

Other buzzword in the world of global technology and local Indonesian is big data. Venerable Goddess Karnadi emphasizes not only the analytics capabilities that must be owned by the organization, still i he also warned about the timing or speed. "Imagine if a company has big data, but a new report out in one week, yes stale ones," he said bluntly. If it happens in highly competitive industries, such as telecommunications and banking, would much switcher scattered among customers. Even worse if the organization actually paralyzed due to the abundance of data.

Indonesia's ability to pursue advances in technology infrastructure lately-though not evenly across all sectors can be proud indeed. This, according to the mother of one son and two daughters this is because many organizations, especially in the enterprise environment, has agreed to oust information technology as an important component of organizational competitive advantage. "So, any new business are created, IT becomes an enabler of her," he added.

But that does not mean the job Goddess in the infrastructure business will be easier. Services or service-as shown in the position he is housed and hardest task, he said. "Because the services is what determines our engagement with customers," he said.

A service contract along 3-5 years together Fujitsu require customers to prove the reliability of solutions that have been implemented. "Is it true concept, able to walk, and can continue to provide benefits such as customers expect. This is the critical point for us, "said a woman who looked at IT as a part of life (part of life) is.

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