Business odd marijuana

Investing in the cannabis seems like it should be as easy as printing money. To reach customers, all businesses have to do is grow a weed and sell the flowers. Photo / Thinkstock

   Legal or not, the business of selling grass in the United States is as weird as ever. 

Tangle of rules and regulations that govern whether and how it can be grown, bought and sold to create complexity and ambiguity that caused major headaches for marijuana businesses - and exciting opportunities for those who want to take advantage of it. 

"This is a gray market industry, it's just how it is," said Kayvan Khalatbari, who has a marijuana dispensaries and a pizza restaurant chain in Denver. 

The big problem: the nation has not yet decided whether marijuana is an illegal drug that is dangerous or not much worse than tobacco or alcohol. According to federal law, it is illegal narcotics such as heroin, with "no accepted medical use at the moment." But the urge legalization has recently been made ​​legal - for medical use - in 23 states and Washington DC In Colorado and Washington State, can be purchased just for fun. 

Entrepreneurs and investors must navigate the laws vary from state to state and sometimes from region to region. 

It has led to a promising harvest consultant to show you how to succeed, while the public company spun vision shady fat gain. Consumers now have a wide range of product-related new pots to choose from, many are much higher quality than what is offered in the corner. But they also need to see the truth of hope in a lot of claims about all the wonderful things the pot should be done.

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