"It's 2015 Economic Rely On Jokowi-JK"

Gadjah Mada University Professor Bambang Sudibyo see the biggest challenge and Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla, instead of coming from the parliament, or external conditions. The biggest challenge Jokowi-JK is the magnitude of public expectations for better days. 

"Expectations of society to Jokowi-JK higher than that faced by SBY. Fact that the government has the fiscal space narrow. Monetary too narrow," he said in Indonesia III Knowledge Forum 2014, in Jakarta, Friday (10/10/2014). 

In general, Bambang see the problems and challenges facing Jokowi-JK is the high public expectations. In the past, when SBY was re-elected in the 2009 election, the people also have high expectations. 

However, this time he called, Jokowi-JK will face the expectation of a higher community. On the other hand, would not only constrained by a narrow fiscal space, Jokowi also face a narrow political space in realizing the expectations of society. 

"Why Jokowi narrow political space? Because there is no authority behind the name Megawati. Ahead of him, there is opposition," said former Finance Minister. 

By looking at it all, Bambang estimating economic growth could exceed the target of 5.8 per cent, even in the top 6 percent if Jokowi can make good policy. Condition, which he calls the challenge was to be able to Jokowi face. 

"In general, the economic forecast in 2015, will depend on what Jokowi-JK," he said.

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