Ryanair introduces 'business class'

The video shows ground handlers at Bergamo airport throwing bags into a Ryanair plane

   Budget airline continues its efforts to improve customer service with a reputation for a flexible ticket business travelers, with a check-in bag is included. 

Ryanair, ever said it would introduce a stand-only if the flight is only allowed by the aviation safety authorities, will launch a new level of ticket aimed at business travelers willing to pay more for better service. 
Ticket 'Business Plus' will offer the ability to change to another flight on the same day, to any airport in the country of destination are the same, up to 40 minutes before departure at no additional cost, Ryanair, Wednesday. These are usually cost as much as £ 90 to make changes. 
The new tier of service will also include a hold luggage allowance of one bag weighing up to 20 kg, which can cost up to £ 75 on top of the standard fare in high season on busy routes. 
Ryanair business customers will have to make do with the same type of seat as everyone else, but they are more expensive ticket will include priority boarding, and one of the so-called 'premium' seats on the flight. They are both in front of the plane, giving a quick exit, or in the exit row, offering more leg room. These are usually costs £ 15 on top of the standard fare to order one. 
'Business Plus will also include access to FastTrack security lines at the airport were selected, including Stansted and Manchester, Ryanair adds. 

Travelers looking for a catch may indicate the terms and conditions for booking 'Business Plus' on the Ryanair website. While services such as check-in bags and 'premium' seats provided at no additional cost, to get their customers should make sure they check the appropriate box during the order process has been criticized airline. If they forget or fail to fill out the form correctly, they will lose but still worn 'Business Plus' prices, Ryanair warned. 
It said: "This service must be selected at time of booking to include them for free. If added after their booking charge." 
Kenny Jacobs, Ryainair marketing director, said: "Businesses are becoming more savvy with their journey and more than 25pc of our customers are already doing a business trip, choose Ryanair to lower our rates, industry leading punctuality and the largest route network in Europe we are now. Offer more many business route, which connects the major cities in Europe with additional flights and schedule improvements. "
"Our commitment to our customer experience improvement under 'Always Getting Better' our program continues." 
The program was launched by chief executive Michael O'Leary earlier this year with an update to the Ryanair website and steep fines for the cost reduction for customers who fail to bring a printed boarding pass to the airport or otherwise violated. 
The move was widely seen as a response to the rise of rival EasyJet, which offers allocated seating as standard and cost less to hold luggage, and has made ​​a priority of business markets in recent years as companies have been trying to cut their travel load. 
Although reporting popularity with business travelers, Mr O'Leary for years dismissed suggestions Ryanair also must seduce them, insisting that "the plane was no more than a bus with wings in". Now add more business-friendly airport city to its network, however, having previously favored cheap out-of-town destination. 
Ryanair said the tariff 'Business Plus' will start from € 69.99.

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