So stop Board Member, Business Kartiko Cats "Expensive"

Hobbies if taken seriously could be a livelihood. As performed by a former member of Parliament Kendal, Kartiko Nur Sapto. Residents Ngampel, Kendal, Central Java, has long claimed to have a hobby cats. However, it is not the type of pet cat ordinary domestic cats, but cats race. There bengal cat, Angora, and british shorthair.

Cats are worth about USD 10 million, was placed in a special room, a width of about 4x6 meters. "I really like cats since I was a primary school. But you can refocus care for cats after some time at the end of my tenure in Parliament, around January 2014, "said the former member of parliament Kendal from the PKS faction, Thursday (11/27/2014).

Kartiko claimed to have cats of Surabaya and some other areas. Cats, he bought at a price of about USD 8 million per head. Cat when purchased new age of 3 months. "But the cat was already breed. Now, kittens, I sell for $ 7 million, which is still small. While that has grown up to Rp 10 million, "he admits.

Kartiko mention, cat breeds classified has still not familiar to the people of Indonesia, especially in Kendal. For the price of cat obviously quite expensive, time-consuming and also maintain it.

Imagine, keeping the cat's diet to stay healthy. Every two weeks, the cat must grooming by using a shampoo that matches the type of fur. "Cages or place must also be clean. If the dry season, at noon, my cat placed in an air-conditioned room. Because if it's too hot can make the hair loss and less healthy, "he said.

In one month, Kartiko claimed mengaluarkan cost around Rp 1 million for food and grooming for all cats.

One hobbyist other cats, Wika Setiawan, admitted pet cat Kartiko results are not commonly kept people. In addition to the unique and cute, the price is too expensive. "I love cats, but mine just kind blesteran Angora cats. The price is only hundreds of thousands, "he said.

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