Fortunately gulp of Animal Sacrifice Business Selling Online

Bisnis Hewan Kurban

   Approaching the Feast of Sacrifice or Eid al-Adha, buying and selling cattle and goat sacrifice became a lucrative business for some circles. Not only selling the open stalls, cows and goats selling online also can produce bags of money. 

One of them is Michael. The original Men Mlati, Sleman Yogyakarta is already starting an online business since last year. Not unexpectedly this business could reap tens of millions of dollars for transactions on the eve of this sacrifice. 

"Ya once event Eid. Advantage around Rp 10 million to Rp 20 million," said Michael told Monday (09/29/2014). 

He claimed to have made use of the internet for advertising in the media sell sacrificial animals because it is simple and accessible to everyone. The result is that many ads and go directly access the cows and goats are sold at 13.5 KM Road Ground, or at the front gate of the housing Griya Perwita Tourism. 

"I'm attracted to online masarkan today because people are lazy to find stuff in a way around (manually). Started 2 years I tried to market through online sacrificial animals and the results are pretty much interested," said Michael. 

Michael admitted, most prospective buyers come from the young people. After asking price and the type of cattle prospective buyers then approached the cage. 

"Goat or sheep cost Rp 1.475 million to $ 2.7 million. While cattle prices from USD 12.25 million to USD 18.75 million," he said. 

The same thing is expressed sellers of sacrificial animals other Wiranti Novia. Sellers of sacrificial animals Kulonprogro interested to sell sacrificial animals through animal information online because it sells coverage more widely not only in Kulonprogro alone.

UNY student is calling prospective buyers of online media most distant from the city of Magelang. He admitted one month to make an ad selling sacrificial animals in the online media, she was able to sell three of his cows. 

"Let more widely used yet this year through a new online selling. Why, yes because through online media is not only a wider scope in Kulon Progo. Least so far it Magelang," said resident Karangenam, Sadisarono, Nanggulan, Kulonprogro. 

Although selling through online Novi pleaded not exceed the selling price of sacrificial animals at the market. The price offered sacrificial animals according to weight and type of cow. 

"There are three types of white cows like cows at Rp 10 million to Rp 15 million, limousine cow was Rp 15 million to Rp 18 million and Rp 18 super metal cow million to Rp 25 million. Regular price so the advantage is not so much,"
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