Results tourist Cinematography production company video length

Results tourist Cinematography production company video length

   Ask Corey Lopardi what caused him to make a film and video production, and he will tell you the exact time. 

He was in second grade in his home town of Clatskanie, Oregon., And only read the children's book "Paddle to the Sea." 

And then the class to see the movie adaptation of the book 16 mm and was hooked, transfixed by means of the printed word can be told in pictures and sound. 

It sent him to paddle their own way, the study finally Lopardi or participate in the production of film and video during his days at a college in Longview, then at The Evergreen State College and later at the Seattle Film Institute as part of the program year. 

He worked in the film industry for several years - Lopardi have a long list of credits that can be found on the Internet Movie Database - but bored with life on the road. He started his business in 2003 and eventually settled in Nursery Small Business Chamber of Commerce Thurston County. 

Lopardi business focuses on the production of television commercials and video for non-profit organizations such as service clubs and other groups. Whenever you work within eight to 10 projects, he said. 

Video technology has come a long way since I was a student - people can shoot video with your cell phone, for example - but, as he says, "the quality is not always top of mind." 

That is where, want to give a professional touch to the video needs of the organization. 

Over the last five years, Pardiman Productions has produced videos of the finalists and winners of the annual awards for corporate recognition Thurston County Economic Development Council, said executive director Michael Cade. 

"I was a fan of Corey," Cade said, adding that Lopardi not afraid of creativity, and he is also not afraid to work and work hard for their customers to produce such a quality product. 

"He went the extra mile for us, making it easy for our organization and make it easy to recommend it to others," he said. 

Restaurant Film? Here are five films from Lopardi to learn: 

• "Seven Samurai" director Akira Kurosawa's work in black and white. 

• "Rushmore" A good example of what it means to be a writer and lead with a distinctive style. 

• "When Harry Met Sally" classic romantic comedy with good dialogue. 

• "Rocky" Not only the history of favorite fighters, but also a reflection of how Sylvester Stallone struggled to make it in Hollywood. 

• "Star Wars" movie history that inspired a new generation of filmmakers.

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