5 Secrets To Starting Become a British billionaire businessman Richard Branson

5 Secrets To Starting Become a British billionaire businessman Richard Branson   Business - Richard Branson is one of the super-rich who started his business empire with a small. He started his business in 1970 by opening a record shop called Virgin Records, after a few years previously dropped out of school.

   Now, the owner of the wealth of Virgin Group reached 5.1 billion dollars, or about Rp 61.2 trillion (U.S. $ 1 rate = 12,000 U.S. $ exchange), and manages more than 400 companies worldwide .
Eight hundreds his company has donated more than $ 1 billion in annual revenue this British billionaire.
Over the past 40 years, Branson mempelajari intricacies of the business by trial and error. The man who had been a flight attendant after losing a bet with AirAsia AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes, find a way to continue to build an innovative business empire. (read: When the British billionaire So hostess Air Asia)
In his book "Like a Virgin: Secrets They will not teach you how to Business School," Branson fracture 5 secrets to start a business. Following the advice of Branson.

1. If you do not like it, do not
"When I started Virgin in a basement in West London, I do not currently have a great plan or strategy. I do not seek to build the kingdom Bini. Just my desire, wanting to enjoy, have fun doing it, and possibly pray, it can generate money to pay the bills, "writes Branson.
2. Innovative-Build something different
   From the moment he decided to name his company Virgin, a name which is a bit risky in the 1970s, Branson always challenging world. He wrote, in 1984, he created Virgin Atlantic, the airline has a good customer service. According to him, this is a breakthrough moment in the 80s. Currently, the Branson prepares Virgin Atlantic, as the first company to offer trips to the civilians in the area.

3. Reward employees
"In my opinion, there is nothing more sad when I heard someone regret their workplace," wrote Branson. Successful business owners realize that employees are the most valuable asset, and make them feel valued.

4. Leading by listening
Good managers realize they do not have all the answers. Teamwork can promote the growth of the company. "Of course, you must know your own will, but there is no point to force your opinion on others, without debate and consensus together," said Branson.

5. Then saw
The founders of the company are not Employees, they are just starting the business, or conglomerates that have generated billions of dollars A. They always maintained open communication with managers and employees lower level.

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