"Server" Lenovo Want As PC

Lenovo has completed acquisition of System X, a division of IBM x86 servers. Business server then intangibles "Business Group Enterprise".

In talking with the media in Jakarta, Thursday (11/13/2014), Vonny Tjiu, Country Manager, Enterprise Business Group, Lenovo Indonesia, said that they want to be like the PC business.

"In Indonesia, the PC Lenovo has been the number one. We would like the PC as well," said Vonny.

Sandy Lumy, Chief Operating Officer, Lenovo Indonesia, said that according to the latest IDC data, Lenovo already occupies the first position in Indonesia.

"We expect not stop just at the number one alone. We want to be the leading theta, particularly in innovation," said Sandy.

Vonny said the server business in Indonesia is still quite large. In particular, for x86-based servers such as offered by Lenovo.

Citing data from IDC, Vonny said the value of the server market in Indonesia has exceeded 100 million dollars. As many as 70 percent of the market it is for x86.

In fact, continued Vonny, in 2008 the x86 server business has reached 40 percent in Indonesia. But since that time, there was a considerable migration.

One of the migration of non-x86 to x86 by Vonny are many providers of applications running on the platform. Including, for example, application virtualization is much loved by the corporation.

Other things, Vonny explained, is the cost factor is fairly efficient as well as more number of workers who master the platform.

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