Out of the Creative Economy Ministry, PAN Soon Write to President Jokowi

National Mandate Party (PAN) in the House of Representatives urged President Joko Widodo form the creative economy ministry. Insistence it will be posted in the form of an official letter to the President of the PAN faction Jokowi. 
"The issue of the letter, we immediately set up in a day or two. We send it directly to the President for official stance Faction (PAN)," said Chairman of the PAN faction in the House of Representatives, Tjatur Sapto Edy, at Parliament House, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/11 / 2014). 

Tjatur explained, this insistence is the consistency of the PAN faction in criticizing the government policies that are considered not side with the people. Because PAN Jokowi doubt the President's commitment to the industry because it does not form a creative economy and creative economy ministry mewacanakan only entity formation of the creative economy. 

"We urge formed at the ministry. If the body, he just went under the ministry, and the government did not fully understand if the outside is not associated with G to G," he said. 

According Tjatur, Jokowi during the campaign the President's commitment to the creative economy industry does not appear as a cabinet government did not reflect that. In fact, he said, there is still a commitment Jokowi under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono related increase in the creative industries. 

"What can not be helped, but the concern of Pak SBY stronger than Jokowi which only makes the body (creative economy)," said Tjatur. 

Earlier, member of PAN, Anang, also said the same thing in a plenary session of the House. Sam lamented the lack of creative economy ministry in the previous period partnered with Commission X. 

For Sam, the creative industries sector provide additional funds hundreds of trillions of dollars to the state treasury. The amount of labor that is sucked from the creative industries are also large, reaching about 12 million workers. 

"It should be immediately communicated to the public. If possible, directly to the president," said Sam.

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