In 2015, Pearce Pevita Want Business Focus "Fashion" and Accessories

  2014 will soon be over. To welcome the New Year, many people draw up a resolution to be achieved in the new year. The young actress Pevita Pearce had already prepared several resolutions that would like to accomplish in 2015.

When asked about the resolution, Pevita revealed that he would like to have more patience in 2015. Not only that, in recent years, the young actress who plays in the film 5 cm also wants to become more personally grateful to the Creator.

"If it has been determined career, I'm sure staying maintain it. Maybe baseball will be busy in the entertainment, because I want to be busy in the business. Kayak yesterday I opened the bazaar in Foodism Kemang," said Pevita on the sidelines of the anniversary of Teddy House International in Gandaria City, Thursday (12/18/2014).

Pevita admitted, he wanted more focus on managing and developing its business in 2015 that will come. Today was he say enough good business development. Therefore, in order to grow their business, Pevita claim to want to reduce his work in the world of entertainment in order to focus on building a business that has been lived.

Girl 22 years has started a fashion business since 2013. ago. Pevita give Hippearce name in the fashion business accessories inspired by the hippie trend. In addition, Pevita also claimed efforts will focus on new, never lived.

"I put out a collection of gold-plated, I also make the body chain. There are also some new project, a new once. Not in the movie, but I think I'm going to work in an office," said Pevita which is still keeping his new busyness.

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