How to Make Money from Posts Genius

How to Make Money from Posts Genius

   Getting money from the internet is a dream for an online business. This time I will explain how to get money from Posts Genius. Posts Genius is one program reviews or commonly abbreviated PTR ​​(Paid To Review), in which we are asked to review a product, be it objects, websites, and others.

   Posts Genius This is a Sponsored Review company based in the town of Rushden, England. How to join in Posts Genius is quite easy, and got paid from $ 5 to $ 1,000 (woow.! ..!.).

  The advantage is that Blogger can freely choose the category they want to review Job by category blogs do. If Bloggers do the job completed on time and with good quality, then you will get points or score.

   For those who have not joined prey join here

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